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Limited Liability Company “Centurion-Logistic” - is the Customs representative who is carrying out the activity in the region of activity of Sheremetyevo customs ( Certificate on inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives No. 0029/00 dated  28 October 2010) and also Customs carrier ( Certificate on inclusion in the Register of Customs  carriers  No. 10000/0284 dated 17 July 2012).

The office of the company is located in the territory of a customs complex of Joint Stock Company "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines", including a Temporary Storage Warehouse and a customs warehouse of open type. Finding of a customs complex in close proximity with the international airport Sheremetyevo, allows to carry out cargo delivery, staying on the territory of the Russian Federation by air directly from the aircraft in a customs control zone in the territory of a complex for the placement under procedure of Temporary Storage Warehouse that creates unique opportunity to carry out quickly and accurately all operations
 connected with processing of freights.

Primary activity of the company is rendering services in customs registration of the goods staying an aviation type of transport, spare parts, knots and units intended for maintenance of the aircrafts of foreign production belonging to the leading Russian airlines.

Necessary feature of our company is efficiency of customs registration of freights.
Using services of our company, such as:
- customs warehouse of open type;
- temporary storage warehouse;
- delivery of freight from under an aircraft board on Temporary Storage Warehouse of Joint Stock Company "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines";
-  refrigeration equipment  in the territory of Temporary Storage Warehouse;
- democratic prices of processing and storage of freights of Temporary Storage Warehouse and customs warehouse;
- electronic declaring;
- production of customs control and customs registration directly in the territory of a warehouse complex of JSC Aeroflot,
you are convinced that, working with us, high quality of services can be gained with a big share of benefit.

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